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Having a child brings many unknowns and unforeseen questions. Having a child with a developmental disorder brings several more unknowns and many confusing questions. It is easy for parents to feel lost and alone. The Early Intervention Services at RISE guides both parents and children through child development and gives families the tools they need to raise healthy and happy kids.

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Early Intervention Arizona

Early Intervention

At RISE Early Intervention, we give parents of children with special needs a healthy start to a full, productive life. Early Intervention refers specifically to services and supports for families of infants and toddlers, birth to three years of age, with disabilities or delays. RISE Early Intervention provides services through the Arizona Early Intervention Program (AzEIP).

We offer team-based instruction in a natural learning environment that promotes your child’s growth and development by working through and within his or her unique learning style and interests.

  • Speech and language therapy for children struggling to communicate.
  • Feeding therapy for children learning to eat.
  • Physical therapy for children beginning to move on their own.
  • Occupational therapy for children struggling with fine motor skills.
  • Special development instruction to help children engage in the relationships, routines, and events of everyday life.
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Therapy For Developmental Disabilities Arizona

Therapy for Developmental Disabilities

With Therapy for Developmental Disabilities (TDD), children ages birth through 21 are enrolled in Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, or a combination of these three services. RISE is proud to offer these services through the Division of Developmental Disabilities or through private insurance. Working with your primary care physician and other community service agencies, we are able to provide superior and compassionate care for your child.

Often, there are circumstances beyond our control that cause a child to be developmentally delayed or unable to reach certain milestones. Therapy can aid in promoting the development of these milestones and functional skills by taking advantage of a variety of techniques and methods. Our staff addresses the needs of your child by integrating your specific goals along with these methods into a treatment program that is unique to him/her. We believe this gives your child both the tools and opportunity they need to succeed.

  • Physical therapy strengthens a child’s gross motor or movement skills.
  • Occupational therapy helps to develop a child’s sensory and fine motor skills.
  • Speech therapy focuses on the child’s speech and language development and any unresolved feeding issues.
  • All therapy services are offered in a natural environment as well as a clinical setting to best meet the needs of the entire family.
  • Involvement of the family is key to the success of the child.
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