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We license foster and adoptive families to provide loving and stable homes for children in the foster care system. We also license families to care for children and adults with developmental disabilities. If you have any questions or need assistance with Fostering and Adoption, please contact RISE Services, Inc. directly at (480) 497-1889, ext. 5.

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Month Day of Week Start Date End Date
January Saturday 1/14/23 2/11/23
March Tuesday 2/28/23 3/28/23
April Saturday 4/8/23 5/6/23
May Thursday (Westside) 5/11/23 6/8/23
July Wednesday 7/12/23 8/9/23
September Tuesday 9/12/23 10/10/23
October Saturday (Westside) 10/7/23 11/4/23
November Tuesday 11/7/23 12/5/23


Foster Care & Adoption Services Arizona

The most nurturing place for children in foster care is in a family setting. Our main goal at RISE is to find loving and stable homes for children in foster care while their biological families work to create a secure home environment. Foster children need structure, stability, and love during this difficult time. At RISE, we train, license, and provide ongoing support to foster and adoptive families. Our Family Support Specialists (or licensing workers) visit you in your home monthly to help guide you, as well as offer 24/7 emergency support through our on-call services.

RISE offers foster care and adoption services out of our Mesa office (4554 Inverness Avenue), Surprise office (12129 West Bell Road), and Tucson office (1609 North Wilmot Road). If you have any questions or need assistance with Fostering and Adoption, please contact us directly at (480) 497-1889, ext. 5.



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We offer the highest level of support and assistance throughout the entire licensing process. Your Family Support Specialist will be there to guide you every step of the way, as well as offer advice and guidance for any questions or concerns you may have. In addition, they will visit your home for a minimum of four hours as a means of getting to know your family so they can create a home study, answer any questions, and collect the necessary paperwork needed to license you as a foster care home.

Our RISE Family Support Specialists will aid in advocating for any services that your foster children may need. We will also be there to attend court hearings, foster care review board meetings, child and family team meetings, and any other interactions that require some support.

We proudly license single and two-parent households and never discriminate against an applicant’s race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disabilities.

RISE Offers Four Different Types of Licenses:

  • Family Foster Home License - This license is for a specific amount of children, along with the age range and gender preferences of your choice.
  • Kinship (Relative) License - This license is specific to the children in your home that have already been placed there by DCS.
  • Child Developmental Home License - This license allows you to care for children with developmental disabilities.
  • Adult Developmental Home License - This license allows you to care for adults with developmental disabilities.
  • Respite License - This can be either in home respite or out of home respite, providing care to foster children on a temporary basis for foster families who need a break.

Your Licensing Worker will make the process of becoming a licensed foster care home simple and easy.

  • Contact Us - Learn more about the foster care licensing process and attend an orientation.
  • Interview - Schedule an intake/interview with RISE by emailing us.
  • Training - Prepare to be a foster parent by participating in Foster Parent College which is provided by RISE.
  • Home Study - While in training, our Licensing Workers will continue the licensing process by completing required paperwork, performing a home inspection, and conducting interviews with your family.
  • Approved License - Once you are licensed, we work with you in matching children who need placement through referrals from DCS.

Please note that you will need to complete an intake interview and be registered through RISE in order to attend Foster Parent College classes. Our goal is to make the licensing process as simple as possible, providing you with the tools you need to be successful foster parents. If you would like a RISE Licensing Worker to speak at an event or meeting, please email us.

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