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At RISE Services, Inc., we believe everyone is employable and can live full and productive lives. With our amazing team of Employment Professionals, we create job opportunities for and with adults with disabilities.

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Employment Services For Adults with Developmental Disabilities Arizona

Our goal is to help them find and sustain meaningful employment throughout the state of Arizona. Working as an advocate for the adults we serve, we partner with local employers to find or even create suitable work. Every individual receives a foundation of customized support for the entirety of their employment.

We find employment that fits the skills, preferences, and schedule of the people we serve. Our potential employees are screened and prepared to work for the jobs and hours the employers need. Our employment services allow individuals to engage in and with the general community while working to enhance their skills and find their passions. At RISE, we do our best to find a job for any adult with a developmental disability who desires employment.


Job-based training services provide both practical and hands-on support based on the individual job. Our Employment Professionals provide the specific training each unique job and facility requires. We also add training for the particular population we service, such as:

  • How to engage with other workers
  • How to dress appropriately for their specific job
  • Personal hygiene requirements for work

The job-based training program at RISE prepares our individuals for employment outside of our educational environment. The goal is to equip them so they can find a job in the community in which they live. Not only does this help them actively engage in their community, but it also builds confidence for them as they enter the workforce. Through job-based training, they come to understand they are an important part of how a company or business runs successfully.

With our supported employment services, we provide job coaches who work with individuals directly at their place of skill acquisition and employment. The purpose of a job coach is to:

  • Teach individuals how to perform the job for which they are hired
  • Help them learn how to complete specific tasks
  • Ensure quality work is being performed
  • Provide support on an as-needed basis

With the training and coaching services RISE offers, we assist our individuals through the entire employment process. We help them find suitable work, apply for and begin their job with confidence, and then support them as they become competent, independent employees. Training and coaching support may include:

  • Learning new skills for successful employment
  • One-to-one or small group support
  • On-the-job training
  • Advocacy throughout the entirety of their employment

Our life skills restoration services assist individuals in becoming employment-ready. We begin with a vocational assessment that will identify specific areas of need as well as their unique skills, abilities, and employment interests. Based on the results of the assessment, we then begin life skills training which can include:

  • Resume building
  • Mock interview practice
  • Social and communication skills
  • Public transportation navigation
  • Personal hygiene training
  • Worksite acclimation
  • Money management
  • Diet and meal preparation
  • Time management
  • Relationship building
  • Other individual-specific needs to help them find and maintain long-term employment
  • At RISE, we believe every adult with a developmental disability should have the opportunity to work in their community. Our Employment Professionals help orientate, train, and sustain healthy work habits.
  • We couple our employment services with our Day Services, providing a full day of opportunities for the individuals we serve.
  • We work with employers to create a diverse and healthy work environment.
  • We do our best to find a suitable place of employment for everyone.
  • We pay full wages for all our employment services.
  • We advocate for both the employer and employee, making it simple and easy for employers to hire adults with disabilities.
  • We have a successful employee retention rate of 88%.
  • With the employment services at RISE, employees placed stay at their job, work hard, and experience the benefits of a fulfilling and independent work life within a diverse, healthy work environment.


In addition to employment services, RISE Services provides several more support services for individuals with developmental disabilities in Arizona. These include adult day services, in-home care, senior in-home care, independent living support, foster care and adoption support, early intervention therapy, and much more. For more information, view our Arizona locations and contact us today.

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