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RISE Services, Inc. creates stability and opportunity for children and adults through our family services programs. With our Family Support services, Foster Homes programs, and Parent Aide supports, we help families and caretakers create a loving and secure home-setting for children and their families.


Through our Family Connections and Nurturing Parenting Program, we work with families who have an open case with the State and are in danger of having their children removed from their homes. Our goal is to work alongside parents, helping them enhance their protective capacities while also ensuring a loving and safe home setting. We desire nothing more than to preserve the family structure so the child never has to experience removal. These services are tailored to each individual family, and may include the following:

  • Parent education
  • Counseling and family therapy
  • Communication skills training
  • Home management skills training
  • Behavior management training
  • Stress management and problem-solving skills
  • Budgeting and financial management skills
  • Domestic violence intervention and/or education
  • Goal setting and treatment planning
  • Vocational guidance and employment assistance
  • Child development screening and education
  • Connections to available community resources
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We believe the most nurturing place for children in foster care is in a family setting. Our Foster Homes provide a loving and stable family and home setting for children who are in foster care while their biological families work to create a secure and safe home environment for their children.

At RISE Arizona, we train, license, and provide ongoing support to our Host Home and adoptive families. Our Family Support Specialists make monthly visits to our Host Home families, offering guidance and support. They are also available for 24/7 emergency assistance through our on-call services.

We offer four different types of licenses:

  • Family Foster Home License
  • Kinship (Relative) License
  • Child Developmental Home License
  • Adult Developmental Home License
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