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Helpful Day Programs for Adults With Developmental Disabilities

Are you looking for day services for family members with developmental disabilities? At RISE Services, Inc. Arizona, we have exactly what you are looking for. Our day programs teach adults many skills that can help them live independent and productive lives. From employment training to socialization abilities and learning opportunities, your loved one will learn and have fun at the same time while attending our day service programs.

Helpful Day Programs for Adults With Developmental Disabilities


Your family member living with a developmental disability will have plenty of opportunities to learn, experience, and discover strategies and skills for living an independent and meaningful life. Each of our programs is tailored to the individual needs of the adults at our Opportunity Centers. If an individual needs to learn how to manage their money, create a resume, or build friendships, then we can create a custom-tailored plan that focuses on these abilities. We also feature several other fun and engaging activities, such as:

  • working in our computer labs.
  • visiting the library and local parks.
  • participating in community events and social activities.
  • learning valuable life skills like grocery shopping, housecleaning, and meal preparation.


Part of becoming a valuable community member involves learning how to socialize in a wide variety of settings. Whether the adults we work with have jobs where they connect with people or they live in one of our group homes, these skills will benefit them in multiple ways. Plus, everyone needs friends, and we want to make sure the adults we serve are well-prepared to build new relationships. Along with socialization skills, we also teach many other related life skills, like communication and personal hygiene, that can be beneficial in many social environments.

Employment Training

Getting and keeping a job is a huge accomplishment for individuals living with disabilities. They feel proud that they can earn an income and be helpful in the everyday lives of other people. At our Opportunity Centers, we are able to train adults in a variety of employment areas in order to prepare them for their next job. Our employment services include:

  • working with job coaches who can help them learn their specific responsibilities.
  • conducting mock interviews.
  • learning how to create resumes.
  • practicing using public transportation.
  • learning how to manage their time and money. 

Learn More About Our Day Programs Today

Contact us today to learn more about our day services and opportunity centers. These valuable programs provide individuals living with developmental disabilities with socialization skills, employment training, and the daily support they need to celebrate their unique skills and personal passions.