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4 Ways to Support a Christmas Drive for Kids in Foster Care

Would you like to host a Christmas gift drive for children in foster care? If so, August is a good month to begin. RISE Services, Inc. Arizona is grateful for the many groups and organizations providing foster children with a joyful and memorable Christmas holiday. If your school district, church group, local business, or family wants to host a gift drive for foster families, you can count on RISE Services, Inc. Arizona to help you every step of the way. We provide a list of gifts according to age, gender, and type, such as clothes, books, and toys. Make this time fun and special for you and your group by supporting a Christmas drive in your local area.

4 Ways to Support a Christmas Drive for Kids in Foster Care

1. Christmas Wishing Tree

Your family has probably seen Wishing Trees in retail stores, restaurants, schools, and office buildings during the holiday season. These Christmas trees are decorated and adorned with gift tags containing information about specific gifts for foster children and teens. Allow your school staff or employees to participate by asking them to be responsible for specific tasks, such as decorating the tree, making the gift tags, and collecting and delivering the gifts to RISE Sercices, Inc. Arizona.

2. Amazon Wishlist

An Amazon Wishlist is a convenient, easy, and simple way for individuals to donate gifts for foster children. Create a foster child Christmas gift list on Amazon and be sure to set it up so the gifts are sent directly to your organization or place of business. Promote the Christmas drive in your next email newsletter to church members or business customers, and begin receiving Amazon boxes in the mail with toys, clothes, and gifts for foster children.

3. Old-Fashioned Toy Drive

Everyone appreciates an old-fashioned toy drive. Many of us have donated Christmas gifts using this method. Many retail stores, local businesses, and worship centers have large open bins for people to fill up with toys and gifts for children. When hosting a toy drive for RISE Services, Inc. Arizona foster children, we recommend making a large sign or banner with information about the drive, such as who is receiving the gifts, a list of items needed, and who to contact if they have any questions. 

4. Matching Gifts 

Whether you choose to set up a Wishing Tree, an Amazon Wish List, or a toy drive, encourage your members, customers, and guests to purchase gifts that are matched to the specific ages of their children or grandchildren. Bring your kids or grandkids with you to help choose each gift. Use this opportunity to teach your kids that some children cannot always be with their families at Christmas and that ensuring they receive a Christmas gift can help them have a fun and exciting holiday.  

Reach Out to RISE Today

We truly appreciate your commitment to making Christmas special for foster children and their families. If your group wants to host a gift drive for foster children or have more questions about the process, we encourage you to contact us today. Together, you and RISE can bring joy to foster children this Christmas.