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Why Many Arizona Families Have Become Foster Parents

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to become a foster parent? We’re sure you have a lot of questions like, “How would temporarily adding a new child to our home affect our family?” or “How will I feel when the child is reunited with their parents?” The team at RISE Services, Inc. Arizona has been asked these questions hundreds of times while serving families throughout the state of Arizona. We think it’s best for you to hear from our foster parents — how foster parenting has affected them and their families and how they’ve been changed for the better by welcoming these children into their homes. Keep reading to learn more about why many families chose to become foster parents with RISE Services, Inc.

Why Many Arizona Families Have Become Foster Parents

Positively Changes Themselves & Their Families

For many of our foster parents, caring for foster children has been a rewarding experience. They share how this experience has made them more empathetic toward others and open to new experiences. Several of our parents have expressed how the relationships built between them, their children, and the foster children have resulted in their families growing closer together. As one of our foster parents said, “The children make us better people as we’re trying to make them better people.”

Helps the Foster Children Succeed

There are so many children who are in need of stable, loving homes. This is one of the main reasons Arizona families choose to become foster parents. In sharing their personal experiences with us, they acknowledge that while it’s been difficult at times, being a foster parent has also made their life so much more beautiful. They realize that the impact they’ve made on the life of that child truly does last forever. It’s about making room in your heart and building a strong relationship with them. One of our foster parents expressed, “The end result — we want that child to succeed.”

Receives Much Support from RISE

Being a foster parent can be overwhelming, without a doubt. When you have an abundance of support, it can be easier to take on this important challenge. One of our foster parents shared how they had a lot of support in their foster family journey from RISE Services, Inc. and many other agencies. Our Family Support Specialists are with our foster parents from the moment they fill out the application until they’re ready to end their foster care journey. We also work with several community agencies including primary care physicians, physical and occupational therapists, school districts, and many more that can benefit foster children and their families.

Begin Your Foster Parent Journey With RISE

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about becoming a foster parent with RISE. Contact us today or complete our Foster Care Licensing Intake Form. With compassionate homes like yours, we can give children the encouraging and supportive environment they need to grow and thrive.