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What It’s Like to Be a Direct Support Professional with RISE

If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a Direct Support Professional (DSP) with RISE Services, Inc. Arizona, now is a great time to find out. DSPs do more than care for and support children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). Their job requires commitment, flexibility, and creativity. Discover what a DSP does in a typical day, including this unique career’s daily challenges and desired qualities.

What It's Like to Be a Direct Support Professional with RISE

Daily Responsibilities

Each day is different when you’re a DSP. You may find yourself advising, cooking, teaching, and assisting on the same day. On other days, you may be a companion with a kind attitude and listening ear. Depending on your responsibilities, you may work with a group at one of our Opportunity Centers or support a child in their classroom. 

DSPs are often thought of as caretakers for children and adults with I/DD. Instead, DSPs support individuals through their daily activities, encouraging them to make decisions for themselves. Whether you work with someone who is medically fragile or lives independently in their apartment, the priority remains to create opportunities for and with the individuals we support.

Different Locations

The children and adults we support at RISE Services, Inc. Arizona experience life in various settings, and DSPs are right there with them. If you support teenagers with I/DD, you may find yourself in high school, at after-school jobs, in school clubs, or at community events. Many of the individuals we support live in residential homes with other friends, in their apartments, or their parent’s homes. Some DSPs work alongside participants who have jobs through our employment services. The places you work may vary from day to day, or you may spend most of your time in one home with an individual.

Day-to-Day Challenges

Being a DSP is not without its challenges. It’s quite a responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of the children and adults you support. Working as a DSP can be demanding and is continually evolving. Communication can be difficult, and you may face behavioral challenges as you assist each participant. You may need to be compassionate and understanding while helping them stick to their schedules or de-escalating a stressful situation. The job of a DSP is to nurture and encourage them as they make decisions, not make those decisions for them. It may take some time to change your perspective and assist individuals rather than tell them what to do.

Desired Qualities

Honesty, integrity, and respect for others are highly desired qualities for RISE Services, Inc. Arizona DSPs. It’s not about having extensive training and years of experience but about having the enthusiasm to support individuals in experiencing fulfilling lives. Each day requires the patience and dedication to be an excellent listener, a creative problem solver, and a caring friend. The lives and agendas of the individuals we support are always the priority. If you are willing to develop new skills and keep your attitude positive through every challenge, then you may have what it takes to be an amazing DSP with RISE Services, Inc. Arizona.

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Without our flexible, creative, and committed Direct Support Professionals, we could not do what we do. Ensuring the individuals they support are safe, content, and fulfilled makes for a rewarding and enriching career as a DSP. We invite you to apply for a position with RISE today or contact us with any questions.