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Why We Appreciate Our DSPs

In September, RISE Services, Inc. Arizona, along with several disability service agencies across the nation, celebrated Direct Support Professional Recognition Week. This week is all about recognizing and showing appreciation for the employees, staff members, and Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) who work alongside individuals living with developmental and intellectual disabilities. If you’re not familiar with DSPs and what they do, we’d like to share why they are vital to the developmental disability sector.

We Appreciate Our DSPs!

What Is a Direct Support Professional?

Direct Support Professionals perform a variety of services with or for children and adults who live with developmental disabilities. They work with individuals in our opportunity centers, residential homes, and independent living homes, as well as provide a variety of services. Our dependable DSPs take on many roles such as relief staff, employment specialists, personal assistants, direct care staff, job coaches, family support aides, and more. 

What Do DSPs Do for Individuals With Developmental Disabilities?

DSPs support children and adults living with disabilities as well as their families. They deliver person-centered services that are customized to each individual’s unique needs. A few of their many important jobs include the following:

  • Supervise learning opportunities such as life skills training, computer lab education, and social activities
  • Help adults with developmental disabilities find work that is suitable to their skills and preferences
  • Provide respite care for caregivers or parents of a child or adult with a developmental disability
  • Offer daily living support such as assistance with grocery shopping and meal preparation, personal care and grooming, or transportation to work or social activities

How Do They Help Individuals Live With Independence?

DSPs encourage and maintain the health and wellness of individuals living with developmental disabilities, including their physical, mental, and emotional health. They also foster personal growth and support their independence in many different ways:

  • Help individuals develop important life skills
  • Encourage and assist individuals to build relationships with others
  • Communicate effectively and compassionately with both verbal and non-verbal individuals
  • Empower adults with developmental disabilities to make informed decisions

We Are Thankful For Our DSPs

If you know someone who is a DSP, be sure to thank them for their hard work, dedication, and support of individuals living with developmental and intellectual disabilities. To learn more about what a DSP does or to apply for a DSP position with RISE, visit our careers page or contact us today. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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