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With our adult day services, residential services, and foster care services, RISE Services, Inc. creates stability and opportunities for children and adults living with developmental disabilities. Contact us today to learn more about our developmental disability support services. We are happy to answer your questions.

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Early Intervention Children Development Services in Lake Havasu City Arizona

Valuable Early Intervention Child Development Services

Children with developmental delays need early intervention so they can hit those growth milestones with ease. Our Early Intervention Services and Therapy for Developmental Disabilities guide families through their child’s development, giving them the tools they need to raise healthy and happy children. With our team-based instruction, our professional staff will work within their unique learning styles and promote their growth and development in a natural learning environment.

Safe & Healthy Homes for Children in Lake Havasu City

At RISE, we are proud to walk alongside families as they learn how to provide stable and healthy environments for their children. Our foster care services offer children a loving family setting where they can grow as an individual while their parents are receiving the help and education they need. When adults are in danger of losing their children, parents can attend our family preservation services program and learn how to care for their children in a peaceful and protected home atmosphere.

Day Services for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Our adult day care service helps adults living with disabilities learn valuable life skills and discover new interests in a structured group setting. This Monday through Friday program will not only enhance their abilities but also allow them to meet and befriend others with similar needs. Both our Day Services and Opportunity Centers for adults with developmental disabilities encourage the personal and professional growth of each individual by offering several learning opportunities:

  • Computer labs
  • Social activities
  • Personal care training
  • Employment preparation
  • Public transportation navigation
  • Money management
  • And many more
Day Services for Adults with Developmental Disabilities in Lake Havasu City Arizona

Lake Havasu City Residential Services for Adults with Disabilities

We understand that many individuals would like to pursue independent living options. With our developmental disability residential services, we can help make that happen. Our residential services include:

Vocational Rehabilitation Services in Lake Havasu City Arizona

Vocational Rehabilitation Services in Lake Havasu City

RISE Services, Inc. believes that adults living with disabilities are capable of working meaningful jobs that they can enjoy. With our various employment services, such as job-based training, job coaching, on-the-job support, and life skills development, your loved one will be earning their own money and having fun at the same time.

Professional Developmental Disability Support Services for Lake Havasu City Families

Contact RISE Services, Inc. today to learn more about our support services for those living with developmental disabilities. In addition to Lake Havasu City, we offer our services in Yuma, Surprise, Queen Creek, Mesa, and all surrounding locations.

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