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When a family member or loved one has a developmental disability, RISE Services, Inc. has extensive support services created specifically for their needs. Whether it’s moving them into a comfortable group home or helping them find a meaningful job, our team works alongside individuals every step of the way. Have questions? Contact us to learn more today.

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Home Services For Adults with Disabilities in Queen Creek Arizona

Adult Day Services & Opportunity Centers

The Day Services at RISE are a safe and engaging learning environment for adults living with developmental disabilities. They can spend their time with others in similar situations and benefit from this highly structured time of learning life skills, preparing for job interviews, building social skills, and other valuable abilities. Both the adult day care programs and Opportunity Centers for adults with developmental disabilities offer interesting activities and creative pursuits that can help them discover new hobbies and build social relationships.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services in Queen Creek

With our job-based training services, supported employment programs, life skills restoration, and other training and coaching as needed, individuals with disabilities can work a job they enjoy and earn a living for themselves. We advocate for the adults we serve and partner with local employers to discover suitable work for them. Our customized employment services benefit both our participants and the local economic community.

Caring Family Support Services

At RISE in Queen Creek, we have a team of loving and supportive family professionals who work with families that are vulnerable and may have their children removed by the State. With our family preservation services program, families have access to parenting skills education and coaching so they are ready and able to care for their children in a healthy and loving home environment.

We also provide foster care services when children cannot safely live with their biological parents. While their parents are receiving assistance, their children are placed in a nurturing home environment with licensed and trained foster care parents. All their basic needs, and more, will be met, and they will have an opportunity to thrive and grow.

Family Services in Queen Creek Arizona

Customized Residential Services for Adults with Disabilities

The developmental disability residential services at RISE offer each individual a chance to live independently with assistance from our team of direct service providers (DSPs). We offer four residential options:

Early Intervention Services in Queen Creek Arizona

Children’s Early Intervention & Therapy Services in Queen Creek

With our friendly professional staff and gentle DSPs, RISE offers two early intervention child development services specifically for children with special needs or a developmental disability. Our early intervention services and therapy for developmental disabilities are custom-tailored to each child that comes through our doors. These services are provided in a natural learning environment and with each child’s unique learning style and interests in mind.

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Don’t wait for these valuable developmental disability support services any longer. Contact RISE Services, Inc. today and we’ll be happy to help you get started. Along with Queen Creek, we also serve Yuma, Surprise, Sierra Vista, Kingman, and all nearby areas.

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