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For children and adults in Surprise living with developmental disabilities, RISE Services, Inc. provides practical and personal growth opportunities that will help you lead a productive and more independent life. Simply contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you get started.

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Employment Services for Adults with Disabilities

We believe that every person deserves a chance to find meaningful employment. With our vocational rehabilitation services, we work with local employers to create job opportunities for adults with disabilities. Our employment services include:

  • Job-based training to learn life and social skills related to their job.
  • Supported employment via our job coaches who work with employers and participants to provide on-location support
  • Training and coaching for the duration of their employment
  • Life skills restoration that will assist adults in being prepared for successful employment
Learning Opportunities & Development Services for Adults in Surprise Arizona

Learning Opportunities through Our Surprise Day Services

The Day Services at RISE Services, Inc. offer a safe learning environment for adults living with developmental disabilities. They can share their time with others who have similar life experiences as well as learn new job skills, explore hobbies, and develop abilities that can help them lead an independent life.

Our Opportunity Centers provide adult day care and supervision for individuals living with disabilities. The activities at our opportunity development centers are unique to the local area and teach individuals how to interact with their community. From visiting local parks and playing board games to sharing lunch with their friends, the participants always experience a safe and fun time together.

Safe & Comfortable Residential Services in Surprise

Our developmental disability residential services offer a wide range of housing options for adults who need around-the-clock support or only a few hours of assistance each week. We have four residential service programs: in-home care, senior in-home care, independent living homes, and group homes.

  • Our in-home care services are tailored to each individual’s personal needs and may include assistance with grocery shopping, budgeting, medical support, and more
  • Our senior in-home care services offer assistance to senior citizens with their physical or medical needs
  • Independent living services provide up to 24 hours of personal care for adults with disabilities who live in their own home or apartment
  • For comprehensive 24/7 care, our group home care services offer intense personalized support to each resident in this group setting
Residential Services for Adults with Developmental Disabilities in Surprise Arizona

Support Services for Surprise Families

With our foster care or family preservation services, RISE is able to provide a loving and safe home environment for children who have an open case with the state of Arizona. Depending on the particular circumstances, these families may require the following services:

  • Family support programs that help parents improve their protective capacities and create a safe and secure home environment
  • Foster care services for children who cannot safely live in their own home and need a secure, loving environment to temporarily live
Child Development Services in Surprise Arizona

Child Developmental Services

When you have a child in need of developmental disability support services, take advantage of RISE’s effective early intervention services. Our early intervention child development services provide supports for children ages birth to 3-years-old such as feeding therapy, speech and language therapy, special development instruction, and more. Our therapy for developmental disabilities (TDD) includes access to occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy for children from birth through 21 years of age.

Supporting Children & Adults in Surprise

Along with Surprise, RISE Services, Inc. serves Yuma, Sierra Vista, Queen Creek, Kingman, and all nearby communities. Contact us today to learn more about our compassionate and effective developmental disability support services.

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